About Fix My Health

Fix my health: An average person leading into his mid 20s, due to their professional and life commitments will start to loose focus in their diet and excercise routine. Fix my health app is a tool to monitor your vital response ( like BP, Body weight, sugar level etc..) your health issues your body measurements your BMI your medications Your lab testing results Your description of any illness you have or had in the past Etc In a central place accessible to you and your doctor 24x7.

Imagine you fall ill and visits a doctor What if he has a complete history of your diet habits You health habits You vitals information for the past 6 months. These are very useful information for the doctor to diagnose and prescribe a health advice to you.

Fix my health gathers and collects information on your life and health progress and behavior which can be access and used by you as and when it is needed. Fix my health also provides you Helpful tips on diet and exercise based on your age and health condition.

health checkup

We are a Preventive Health Application providing monthly or bi-weekly vitals check up.

Vitals measurements

  • BP
  • Pulse

  • Body measurement

  • BMI
  • HIPS

  • Illness documentations

  • ENT

  • Our Process

    We document all the data gathered in a central database which can be accessed by customers and customr's doctors as needed. These recorded health information becomes very usefull when you visit your doctor.The doctor will get a complete picture of your health before hand itselt.Which wil help the doctor to diagones and treat your health problem in an efficient manner. We will also provide age appropriate Diet advices and ftness advices. Our expert dieticians and personal trainers are available to you for consultation.

    • Help you to self analysis your health.
    • Health Checkup in you door Step
    • Daily Fitness Tips Based on your health report.
    • Daily diet tips Notifications.
    • Expert associates like doctors, labs,personal trainer, dieticians,pharmacies.
    • Best dietician and Fitness Trainers Details.
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