About TrackUrHealth

Trackmyhealth has brief such as a preliminary home test for covid to help you determine if you may have coronavirus symptoms, rolling updates from the health ministry of each countries, and a list of helpline numbers for each countries globally.
We at trackmyhealth have announced the launch of a comprehensive and integrated response plan to take the battle to COVID-19. We have launched a preliminary home test online Coronavirus Risk Assessment scan for screening and initial assessment, which is available in the form of an app in trackmyhealthapp.com

We also have contry wise breakup of the corona affected person with their name and address in globally which will be updated on daily basis in track.
It will require for all of us to come together, young and old as one to ‘Break the Chain’. Trackmyhealth gathers and collects information on your life and health progress and behavior which can be accessed by healthcare professionals. If you have a symptoms of coronavirus and you fall ill and visits a doctor, What if he if has a complete history of your health habits, Your vitals information for the past 6 months, your lab test report, list of your medications, list of any past illness or surgeries etc : These are very useful information for the doctor to diagnose and prescribe a health advice to you.

Be smart and inform yourself about coronavirus. Be kind to support your loved ones during coronavirus.

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Our Process

We document all the data gathered in a central database which can be accessed by customers and customr's doctors as needed. These recorded health information becomes very usefull when you visit your doctor.The doctor will get a complete picture of your health before hand itselt.Which wil help the doctor to diagones and treat your health problem in an efficient manner. We will also provide age appropriate Diet advices and ftness advices. Our expert dieticians and personal trainers are available to you for consultation.

  • Help you to self analysis your health.
  • Health Checkup in you door Step
  • Daily Fitness Tips Based on your health report.
  • Daily diet tips Notifications.
  • Expert associates like doctors, labs,personal trainer, dieticians,pharmacies.
  • Best dietician and Fitness Trainers Details.
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