Health Checkup | Health Monitoring

Monitor Your Health

Monitor Vitals

Measure and document your vitals-BP,Suger,Pulse,Height, Weight,BMI etc...

Monitor your Body

Measure and document your Chest,Waist,Hip,Neck, Arms,Shoulder,Thighs,Calf,feet,Hands etc. Sizes...

Monitor Illness

Document your illness like Asthma,Heart,Fever,headache,Cancer,Diabetes,Pains,Infections stroke ect....


Document LAB Reports

Upload reports like Lab tests, X-ray, Scan, prescription etc....

Document Medicine

Upload and Document all information on the medicines you are taking.

Accidents and Surgery

Upload and Document information on your Accidents and Surgeries.

A Preventive health monitoring system

What is fix my health? Fix my health app is a tool to monitor and document your vital response ( like BP,weight, sugar level, Pulse etc...), your diet habits , your body measurements, your weight changes, your BMI, your medications, Your lab testing results, Description of any illness you have or had in the past,Informations on any Accident or surgery you had a central place accessible to you and your doctor 24x7.

Imagine the scenario : you fall ill and visits a doctor, What if he has a complete history of your diet habits,Your health habits, Your vitals information for the past 6 months, your lab test report, list of your medications, list of any past illness or surgeries etc : These are very useful information for the doctor to diagnose and prescribe a health advice to you.

Fix my health gathers and collects information on your life and health progress and behavior which can be accessed and used by you or your doctor as and when it is needed. Fix my health also provides you Helpful tips on diet and exercise based on your age and health condition.

Benifits of "Fix My Health"

  • Measure your vitals and body sizes to monitor your health on a regular basis.
  • Upload all your LAB reports, Scan reports,prescriptions and medicines.
  • Receive all measured data and uploaded information by E-mail.
  • Monitor, prevent and improve your health and fitness on regular basis.
  • Receive age and health specific Diet, weight loss, Exercise tips on daily basis.
  • Great for people with busy schedules
  • The information on your vitals , Weight, Illness, LAB reports, Medicines etc...can be send to your Doctor, Hospital etc...

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