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Monitor Your Health

Monitor Vitals

Measure and document your vitals-BP,Suger,Pulse,Height, Weight,BMI etc...

Monitor your Body

Measure and document your Chest,Waist,Hip,Neck, Arms,Shoulder,Thighs,Calf,feet,Hands etc. Sizes...


Monitor Illness

Document your illness like Asthma,Heart,Fever,headache,Cancer,Diabetes,Pains,Infections stroke ect....

Document Medicine

Upload and Document all information on the medicines you are taking.

A Preventive health monitoring system

Trackmyhealth has brief such as a preliminary home test for covid to help you determine if you may have coronavirus symptoms, rolling updates from the health ministry of each countries, and a list of helpline numbers for each countries globally.

We at trackmyhealth have announced the launch of a comprehensive and integrated response plan to take the battle to COVID-19. We have launched a preliminary home test online Coronavirus Risk Assessment scan for screening and initial assessment, which is available in the form of an app in We also have contry wise breakup of the corona affected person with their name and address in globally which will be updated on daily basis in track.Read more..

Benifits of "TrackUrHealth"

  • Measure your vitals and body sizes to monitor your health on a regular basis.
  • Upload all your LAB reports, Scan reports,prescriptions and medicines.
  • Receive all measured data and uploaded information by E-mail.
  • Monitor, prevent and improve your health and fitness on regular basis.
  • Receive age and health specific Diet, weight loss, Exercise tips on daily basis.
  • Great for people with busy schedules
  • The information on your vitals , Weight, Illness, LAB reports, Medicines etc...can be send to your Doctor, Hospital etc...

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Technicians App

People who have signed-up us as Technicians can dowload the technician App here..